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Robben Ford – Playin’ The Blues (1992) DVDRIP

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Robben Ford – Playin’ The Blues (1992) DVDRIP

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Robben Ford
Studio: Alfred Publishing
Run Time: 60 minutes
DVD Release Date: October 29, 2002
Origin Year: 1988
Genre: Blues, jazz fusion, jazz, rock – Guitar Training
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On this DVD our exclusive on-screen fingering patterns along with … Continuar Leyendo

Hal Leonard – 200 Jazz Guitar Licks DVDRip

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Hal Leonard – Guitar Licks Goldmine – 200 Jazz Licks 2011 DVDRIP

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Guitar Licks Goldmine ("Gold Mine" guitar phrases) in this incredible jazz collection. This DVD contains a variety of "tasty" jazz lines, phrases, and ideas for improvisation, which will show … Continuar Leyendo

Anyone Can Play Jazz Guitar (DVDFull)

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Anyone Can Play Jazz Guitar (DVDFull)

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Genre: Guitar lessons

This DVD is designed for the guitarist who wants to study jazz guitar improvisation. This course uses a logical, beginning approach that includes jazz theory explanations, common chord substitutions, major jazz scales, and modes and their … Continuar Leyendo